Hi im Brodie!

I’ve been on one heck of an adventure since I left Australia in 2016. Do you like travelling, are you wanting to travel more or just interested in hearing some epic adventures?
Either way you’re in the right place, welcome to Aussieinwanderlust.

I aim to share with you how to travel longer and further while staying on budget, plus where to find the best amazing local food in each destination.

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Best day trips from Reykjavik, Iceland

Best day trips from Reykjavik, Iceland

If you are hitting Iceland for an amazing holiday soon then chances are you are going to want to be...
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Best Travel Instagram Accounts Out there

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Blogging Lessons – What I wish I knew one year ago

Blogging Lessons – What I wish I knew one year ago

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Brodie’s 7 day blogging course

Brodie’s 7 day blogging course has been invaluable to me. As a new start up in travel blogging he has personally replied to my questions and comments which have motivated me to continue. The course content was written so that an amateur like me could understand the terms in simplified language. The course is free and he has done a great job as similar courses out there charge for this. He has become my role model to follow as I have seen his progress and want to achieve similar success. I’m at an early stage of roll out so have lots to put into practice from his course. Join up to it, you won’t regret it

Barry Till

Very interesting course. What I

Very interesting course. What I really appreciate is the great and detailed list and description of resources. Also style and language are plan and easy to read. Congratulations.

Davide Trentarossi

Hi, My name is Dian. I


My name is Dian. I am from Indonesia. I know Brodie from Intagram, and I join free course for “7 day travel blog and affiliating marketing crash course”. I am so excited and happy because I have so much valuable information there. Travelling is my passion, and travel around the world is one of my wish list. It would be great if I can earn online income while traveling, thats why I will start to make a blog and do all the steps. The course just great and Brodie is always helpful. And I love his blog, too. Love the thoughts of sharing idea and let people write their experience too, that is so human. Success and stay awesome 👏👍

Dian Milani Hakim
De Milan
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Stay connected with me @Aussieinwanderlust

Stay connected with me @Aussieinwanderlust

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